The Last Leg – Adam Hills

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Normally you don’t get too much in the way of controversy these days on topical game or chat shows. Even the great Frankie Boyle has all but been banished to touring the UK with his one man show that takes comedy to the very edge. So imagine our surprise when the Australian host of ‘The Last Leg’ Adam Hills breaks script and lets rip on the political establishment here in the UK!

He started off with the shocking (but predictable) announcement that since the Conservative government who drafted into law a target to reduce child poverty, were in fact now seeking to abolish it AND redefine the terms of what it means to be in poverty!

This coming from a multi-millionaire Prime Minister who has not only left one of his kids in the pub and left without them, but also claims Child Benefit, has put his TV License on his expenses and has even claimed for his kitchen to be refitted!

However, in Adam’s final comment before he broke the norm was “If we’ve learned one thing from this government, is that politicians really love screwing vulnerable children”. The audience’s response was telling and a great social barometer on how we talk and think about child abuse by members of the establishment. We’re scared to address it? Why..?

With Lord Janner now facing criminal proceedings after almost dodging it through the defence strategy of dementia, even though 8 other dementia sufferers have faced the courts for their sexual crimes against children, it’s odd how these so called ‘Pillars of Society’ manage to get through supposedly stringent MI5 background checks.

Alison Saunders
Director of Public Prosecutions: Last year, Alison Saunders (pictured) said prosecutors will pursue justice for victims of child sex crimes whether their cases were ’30 days or 30 years old’ – but not in the Janner case

But what really tipped the audience over, along with fellow hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, plus guest star Stephen Merchant, was Adam’s next outburst which can be seen below:

The video has now gone ‘Viral’ with blogs around the world hosting the clip which has had the triple effect of highlighting the problem with peadophiles within government dodging the law, Adam Hills’ career expansion and hopefully his audience figures for this week’s show, and last but not least, this website and associated social media profiles.

All we’re trying to do here is wake people up!

There’s a lot of ‘shit’ going on that you just don’t know about, plus there is a lot of noise to distract you and to soil the good work our team are trying to do.

There are government contractors in place to disseminate fake conspiracy news, so outlandish that we all suffer as a consequence, to wrap us all up in the same tin foil. But we’ll keep fighting the good fight, we’ll keep digging and we promise to bring you only the facts.

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Hampstead Heath Hoax

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Since September when this Hampstead Heath ‘child sex cult’ story broke, we’ve watched as it slowly unfolded. It had all the hallmarks of the Hollie Greig hoax, even some of the same actors were involved, which against rang alarm bells with us here at AnonWolfTV.

As the videos started spreading, and a great many of what we would class as credible ‘Free Thinkers’ and ‘Truth Seekers’ started downloading and re-sharing (as legally this videos were in themselves acts of child abuse) after each one was being pulled down my YouTube, we felt was had to dig deeper.

Yes, we saw the original videos, yes we saw who was linked to this McKenzie Friend network, and yes… We saw the leaked medical reports which purported to show the children had indeed been victims of child abuse through various means.

We’ve also seen these same medical ‘results’ in children who have not been victims of sexual assault, and as they were of so little insignificance as apposed to their own reported abuse, the two children in our opinion had been coached, possibly under immense duress, to say the things they originally said.

Today as we post this, the BBC have interviewed the father of these two children, who was never married to the mother (we’re not doing the names thing here by the way), but had parted ways from her and had been through the court’s system a number of times, with various judges, only to have those court decisions in terms of access rights, ignored.

We’ve even published two videos on this subject, and although we’ve pointed out the obvious it would seem that those who have staked their flag in the ground have decided that despite ALL THE EVIDENCE to the contrary, they’ll stick to their illogical guns and put down anyone who disagrees with them.

[Video Link]

Even those who were involved initially with the Hollie Gregg Hoax eventually came to their collective senses, and realised they were being played the fool, by those who had a completely different agenda, be that financial or quasi alternative media fame.

The only abuse those children have suffered is by the hands of those who were supposed to protect them (the mother), and those who have fanned the flames of this outrageous ‘sex cult’ claim by sharing this preposterous story.

What we should be focussing in on is the true ‘Sex Ring’ that’s been going on in the seats of power in Westminster, with police corruption and collusion, state obstruction and the cronyism of those within the Judiciary who have stopped the legal proceedings against MP’s and more recently Lords.

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NATO Prepares for War in Ukraine

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Troops here in the UK are on 3 Day Standby Alert, which is unheard of unless there is about to be an announcement of direct military action in another country. Sources close to the 2nd Royal Irish Regiment here in Northern Ireland have said that soldiers have been told to say ‘Goodbye’ to their families as they prepare for battle in the contentious soviet region of Ukraine.

Other troop movements have also been seen internationally, in Canada for example, with hundreds of vehicles being mobilised to Edmonton, AB. This location has a major Canadian Airforce Base situated just on the cities outskirts, and is a launching platform for international relief operations, and also home of the 435 Transport Squadron, the only provider of tactical fighter air-to-air refueling in Canada.

Continue reading NATO Prepares for War in Ukraine

Paris – The False Flag Agenda

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I, like many others last week watched in horror as the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo’s offices were attacked by Islamic extremists who weren’t too happy about the publications promotion of their Prophet Mohammad as being gay, and other such antics.

Within minutes of the international news media getting hold of story and showing shaky YouTube videos of the gunmen leaving the scene in their black Citroen family car in one view from a roof top, the conspiracy theorists (CT’s) were tripping over themselves to get those first essential hits on their channels, to say that we, the public, must question some of the following:

1. Why were the streets devoid of any traffic?
CT Answer = Cordoned off by the police, so as to allow this staged event to take place, without interruption by members of the public.

2. Who were the people on the roof, and how did they managed to get there so quickly to film it?
CT Answer = Crisis Actors put into position to capture the event and share what they saw using camera phones.

Now we move on to the second video that emerged during the day, that being of the stone cold murder of a police officer by one of the two terrorists (now believed to be brothers Hocine and Abdelkader Mohamed, who allegedly carried out this attack) having been wounded initially, plead for his life, before taking a close range ‘head shot’ that killed him.

This video was the rallying cry across the Western World as the leading trailer for a False Flag scenario, and we (the common people) were all stupid for believing it to be true, despite the real world facts. However, here are the questions that emerged from that video:

3. Why was there no blood?
CT Answer #1 = These were blanks being fired.
CT Answer #2 = The terrorist missed.

4. Why didn’t the head/body move when being shot?
CT Answer = See Above

5. Why didn’t the police officers head explode having been shot?
CT Answer = See Above

News reports then revealed the identity of the suspects, who having carried out a mass atrocity using automatic rifles and as early reports allege, a rocket launcher (speculation being the mainstay of all live news feeds), we’re now being ‘hunted’ by every single police officer in the country, a passports/ID’s came to light, having been found in a car thought to have been stolen by the terrorists.

ID Cards

How convenient right? Isn’t that what everyone thought? Sounds a bit like the passport found at 9/11, having been picked up by a police officer several blocks away after the building collapse, in tact, having survived a plane crash into a building, which resulted in the building collapsing like no building has collapsed before. Of course it’s going to ring alarms!

So the question was this:

6. Why did they leave their ID behind?
CT Answer = This was a False Flag, and they needed to have their patsy’s easily identified.

Now we’ve learned that the police commissioner Helric Fredou has now committed suicide, whilst preparing the report on the event, which again has stirred the pot resulting in David Icke pitching in with questions (and answers).

7. What did the police commissioner know?
CT Answer = He found out that Mossad/CIA/Russia/MI6* were involved in the false flag

*Delete where appropriate to fit your narrative.

But lets address these questions in more detail, and look at how, like a magician, they can be debunked easily through factual analysis. By the way, I personally don’t claim to be an expert in all of these fields, but I do have extensive training and experience in some of them, so without further ado, lets get started.

1. Why were the streets devoid of any traffic?

Simple, these are narrow one-way streets with room enough for just one vehicle to get down, one way, along which there is also a cycle path, plus bollards either side of the road to prevent parking of any type, as can be seen below:

Verte Alley, Paris

2. Who were the people on the roof, and how did they managed to get there so quickly to film it?

Ask yourself, you hear shooting, possibly close by, what’s your best vantage point? You also have to consider that this wasn’t the first time Charlie Hebdo had come to the attention of the Jihadists, with 2011 seeing their premises bombed. Hence the police guard (remember, what’s why the police were so quick to get to the scene, they were already there, and had been for getting on four years) being so quick to respond. they’d have drilled for such events, albeit it didn’t serve them well in this instance, this should be a matter of reflection for the local commander.

Back to the spectators. Loads of shots ringing out, no doubt screams of alarm and distress, more shooting as the terrorists work their way through the building picking of people from their hit list. I’d run for cover too, and I’d keep off the streets, that’s what bad guys run along to make their escape. So it makes sense that those who video’d it from the roof top were there, they were hiding.

The gentleman in the body armour was probably one of the police detail, doing what he’s been trained to do, evacuate (as per the plan) everyone you can to safety.

The people filming it were just opportunistic citizen journalists, admit it, we all are these days! The media are constantly asking us to video what we see so they can use the shaky, wrong orientation video footage for us all to gorge over.

3. Why was there no blood?
4. Why didn’t the head/body move when being shot?
5. Why didn’t the police officers head explode having been shot?

Right, here we go… The focal point of all that is tin foil hat wearing random theorist howling at the moon garbage (in my opinion).

Not all shootings result in blood splatter!

Let’s look at the dynamics of a 7.62mm High Velocity Round. Firstly they travel really really quickly, and they’re not very accurate after a 1,000 meters, so you’d struggle over 500 meters to hit anything, as they’re just too big to travel through dense ground level air. Now… If you shoot something at 300 meters, there’s a good chance you’d do some serious damage, and you’ll achieve this for two reasons, one being the projectile itself, it’s a sizeable chunk of brass, and the second, the shockwave.

The shockwave follows the projectile into the channel the projectile has made and expands the space therein to devastating effect. But at close range, it’s all about the brass. Shorter distances the brass is like a dart, spinning on it’s axis as it leaves the barrel of the rifle. This in my opinion is why there isn’t a mass explosion of gore to feed the YouTube twitchers  who watched the original RAW footage.

The main stream media didn’t show this on national/international TV for reasons of taste and decency not only to the public, but also to the (then) unidentified police officer, it wasn’t censorship, it was editorial responsibility.

Being shot at that range would have been like creating a hole in a sheet of paper with a pin. The police officer would have been dead before he knew it, and the resulting brass embedded in the pavement. The grey/white plume you see AFTER THE SOUND is not the ricochet, the brass would be embedded in the concrete, it’s the muzzle plume from the rifle being fired.

You hear the crack of the bullet after you see everything occurring, as unlike the movies, the sound doesn’t sync with the rifle. There is a lag, albeit fractions of a second, possibly even more with the video rendering to a lower quality rate. But there is a lag nonetheless.


The movies always show recoil (the kick) in weapons being fired, a mini flash from the end of the rifle, and the sound of the rifle in perfect sync. In matter of fact, it does’t work like that, even on set. It’s very rare to have blanks being fired whilst filming, as those things are just plain dangerous (just ask Brandon Lee’s sister). Also, to use blanks with a rifle you must also fit a Blank Firing Adaptor (BFA), because without a round travelling down the barrel, there is no gas going to the gas chamber which moves the spring recoil back to load another round from the magazine into the chamber (this is where the word ‘automatic’ comes into play). As you can see from the footage, there are no BFA’s fitted to those rifles, so we know they’re not firing blanks either.

6. Why did they leave their ID behind?

They’re being chased across the city, changing cars, burning out cars they were just in, but essentially running for their (worthless) lives, shit get’s left behind. It’s not like the media reported that these ID’s were left on the dashboard for anyone to see. The police were in full Dragnet mode, every single police officer in France (and military) were looking for these gun men. It’s my contention that in the panic and malaise that ensued, stuff just got left behind, have you never lost or left something when your leaving the house and late for work?

Gunmen kill 12 at French magazine Charlie Hebdo

I’ve left loads of stuff behind in all sorts of places (if you found a scarf in a pub in Devizes, I’m hunting you down), it’s very common in moments of panic. Me personally, I’d have it around my waist in one of the  American tourist belly bag things so I didn’t lose it, but hey, that’s just me, I’m just a planner.

ID Cards

7. What did the police commissioner know?

Probably at this stage, a great deal, what the intelligence services, detectives and scenes of crime putting together hundreds of reports to present to him. One of the biggest cases of this guys career that is drawing international media speculation, derision and an onslaught of new attacks against Muslims all around the country to boot. This would test anyone’s metal, but Helric Fredou, 45, already suffered from depression and had experienced burn out. Shortly before committing suicide, he met with the family of a victim of the Charlie Hebdo attack and killed himself preparing the report.

In summary, was this a false flag? I (personally) don’t think so, but will the European (and probably international) security agencies use this to further their push to fully grab all our personal data for the sake of our security? You’d better believe it!

Did you know you have more chance of being killed by your sofa than a terrorist attack?

The International Governments are all over the media demanding our privacy rights be quashed, this coming off the back of a crime that the perpetrators of which were already known to the security services, who’d tracked them, monitored them, then dropped them off their lists months before because they were deemed low risk. Isn’t that what people like this do? Make themselves inconspicuous so as not to draw any attention from the state you intend to attack?

You will always find a terrorist capable of such deeds if they really want to, the ‘Lone Wolf’ as they’re typically termed, no matter how hard you try to prevent them, but before ISIS/Al-Quada or whatever else the CIA have drummed up to further their war on those who have oil under their feet, we’d have called them nutters. What if the CIA hadn’t manipulated this planet for their banker owner handlers benefits, would we still be marching into a third world war, that seems to have crept up on us without any such official declarations of it happening?

Fake Protestors – The Police

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They’ve been caught again, the cops trying to escalate situations typically to incite violence so that they can use much heavier hands to arrest and breakup demonstrations. But this goes much deeper than that, police in the UK even used the identities of ‘dead‘ children to infiltrate political activist groups, whose members haven’t committed any crimes.

The UK police (Scotland Yard’s Metropolitan Police) have already used sexual relationships with women, resulting in 11 children being born as a result, to get closer to perceived risk groups, to weed out potential anarchists.

More sinister is the fact that police across the world as part of their training tactics are now attempting to escalate peaceful protests on the streets of the US and we suspect also in Ireland in the recent Dublin ‘Water Charges’ March.

Fake Protestors AnonwolfTV - Image Copyright:
Undercover officer aims gun at protestors during an arrest in Oakland

Oakland protestors witnessed an undercover officer waving a weapon in their faces as he and his colleague attempted to arrest a suspect.

This isn’t a new tactic, it was recored on film in 2007 in Canada where a Union Leader suspected 3 rioters of being undercover police after they started throwing rocks at the police from the rear of the protest, they were caught on film and four days later officially identified by their Chief of Police, who said they were engaged in their lawful duties at the time.

Questions were asked when the UK’s Metropolitan Police Constable Mark Kennedy spent years as an activist covered by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA).

Bob Quick, who as an assistant commissioner was the former head of special operations at the Metropolitan police, said undercover officers were treated in law as surveillance officers. A decision to deploy an undercover officer would be taken and authorised by a senior officer.

Under section 28(3) of RIPA this can be done for reasons including “the purpose of preventing or detecting crime or of preventing disorder”, “the interests of the economic well-being of the United Kingdom”, “the interests of public safety”, or “for any purpose … which is specified for the purposes of this subsection by an order made by the secretary of state”.

However a UK defence solicitors have stated that under English Law a there maybe cause for case dismissal if those who have perpetrated a crime did so under the direction of an Agent Provocateur, meaning they initiated or instigated the crime.

The thing to remember when attending a protest is to keep your eyes open for small groups of heavily padded individuals, usually wearing dark materials of a cotton nature, as those fabrics are less susceptible to flammable substances. They’ll almost always be wearing boots, masks and head wear. When your intending to start violence, you prepare for violence, and that’s what these law enforcement officers are planning. Be careful…

Why bullying still exists

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Many of us, especially those trapped in poverty or have children with disabilities or special educational needs, have experienced bullying in our lives, this is to explain why bullying won’t stop until the government are held accountable and dramatic changes are made.

The economy needs poverty and inequality to gain capital, if the government and corporations lower the conscience of the mainstream follower they successfully dehumanise the vulnerable areas that need funding and can then cut services and budgets without anyone caring about the consequences, schools, disabilities, poverty and benefit claimants all get trashed in the name of capitalism.

So this is why children are indoctrinated to despise or ridicule those more vulnerable than themselves, so the higher up in society can easily remove the rights of the people they should be protecting.
A child with trousers too short and frayed will be pointed at and mocked, even violently assaulted, rather than aided and protected as they should be. The parents are taught that if a child’s mother or father is claiming, then they are living off the backs of hard working middle class citizens, thus gives personal reason to bully and dislike the person who they see as a reason to why they also are facing austerity
So when the government cuts the benefits that child’s parents receive it’s seen as a success rather than the true inequality and breach of human rights it is.

The child from the lesser impoverished family will learn, like most children, to judge the very same people their parents do, this creates a generation of hate and disregard that lasts and grows stronger.
Millions of families across the UK are struggling with the cost of school and thousands of children are being bullied and embarrassed as a result.

Millions of families across the UK are struggling with the cost of school and thousands of children are being bullied and embarrassed as a result.

Poverty determines your child’s education.
Wrong but true, also the endless spiral the government has trapped us in! Forever Poor and forever disadvantaged for generations!

This also happens to children with special educational needs or disabilities. Weaker vulnerable people should be helped and protected. Bullies prey on weaker targets because it hides their own fears and weaknesses – makes them appear powerful.
The survival of the fittest and the constant pressure of being the best within education tends to eliminate many children from the competition life has become.

Bullies are functioning contrary to everything noble and high in a human being, and we should all aspire to operate on this earth, as the noblest and fairest of beings. To be noble is to seek to serve and not rule, to help not hinder, to love not hate. Deep within us, we all know that’s true, but many have forgotten this. The coarseness of human society and its shallow values serve to obscure this.
It is an intentional act on behalf of the leaders and moneymakers of society to tread on those that draw in less profit, and whom they should be protecting.

“Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.It leads to an outcome which is always painful and/or distresses.”

– Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA)

Bullying can happen to any child, but children with special educational needs or a disability (SEND) are more likely to be bullied.

Just for the record, this is just the start of what is to become a more and more fascist Britain, where wealth and health determine how long you live and how well educated you become.

The poor and vulnerable will keep getting poorer, and the rich will keep getting wealthier.

If you need more information on what’s happening and the changes people are making and rights we are fighting for join us @WaveOfActionUK


School and suicide in the UK

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Some who end their lives or attempt suicide might be trying to escape feelings of rejection, hurt, or loss. Others might feel angry, ashamed, or guilty about something. Some people may be worried about disappointing friends or family members. And some may feel unwanted, unloved, victimized, or like they’re a burden to others.

School can bring on many of those feelings and we are about to enter an even more dangerous territory in the UK.

In February 2014, education minister Elizabeth Truss lead a “fact-finding mission” to Shanghai to learn the secrets of China’s success. With plans to adjust the UK’s education policy accordingly. Yet Chinese parents and educators see their own system as corrupt, dehumanising, pressurised and unfair. In fact, many are looking to the west for answers.

China has seen a rise in child suicide and considering their lives literally revolve around school and learning, it would be hard to find the Education system not guilty for this.

When we look at the UK, and the way the Government wants to find extreme ways to bring the children of the UK to the top of the international educator scoreboards, we need to question if this is healthy or safe.

I believe not.

We are already seeing a rise in teen suicide, as the educators tighten the belt around students, teachers and parents.
In 2010 teen suicide was low in the UK.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics show that in the 15-19 age group, six people per 100,000 in Britain killed themselves in 2008. In relative terms, the youth suicide statistics for Britain are low – fifth from the bottom in a table of 30.

The education system was not to standard according to the Government, although our children seemed happier and less likely to harm themselves, this changed rapidly, alongside the changes to the education act 2011 that received royal assent.

We then saw a sudden rise in teen suicide, our children seemed to be happier less and less.

The number of people taking their own life in the UK rose “significantly” in 2011, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics have shown.

How has it come to the point that we have allowed the monsters who roam Westminster, to decide how happy our children are?
When is it going to be enough?

There are many ways to make sure our children are educated and still happy, Finland has consistently ranked high in the PISA study, which compares national educational systems internationally, although in the recent years Finland has been displaced from the very top.

What we need to ask ourselves is, should the government be held accountable for the lack of human rights in their efforts to storm to the top of the stats board within education? Are the government the sneakiest child abusers we have?

Many choose to home educate as they have seen the lack of care within the education system, but should these be our only options? Should we as parents be the voice saying no?.

School and Suicide - AnonwolfTV

Is school damaging to children?

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We pack our children’s bags and dress them all the same and send them off to school every day, without for a second thinking of the risks.

This is a dangerous thought process to adopt when we see carers and teachers constantly in the media being convicted/accused of Paedophilia, violence and murder, Dunblane and Ian Huntley are among many in the school/nursery settings.

With such humongous trust being handed to these people by ourselves it’s little wonder that they have such massive opportunities to commit these horrific crimes.

This is not the only example of abuse in the education system, emotional abuse is wide scale and the government openly allows, even promotes, abusive regimes/laws into schools/nurseries.
This will only be a small insight into how abuse is apparent in education and how they manage to introduce this as a positive or ‘normal’ thing.

Neglecting to see the damage an action may do to a child and then continuing to follow through is emotional abuse.

Two-year-olds from disadvantaged families should be enrolled in school nurseries to improve their chances, the chairwoman of Ofsted has suggested.
Many children from poor backgrounds have a “dire” start to their education, according to Baroness Sally Morgan.

We know from studies that starting school too early is damaging, we also know from statistics that poverty is caused by the very same people asking for a younger start for ‘disadvantaged’ children.

88% of countries in the world have a school starting age of six or seven in order to ensure that their children are given the space and time to develop all their neuro-physiological, social and emotional capacities. They must also be allowed to develop their innate theory-building and meaning-making capacities, giving them the confidence to explore their environment in a way that has real meaning and context for them.

The findings are alarming and prove that early starters are at risk of long term damage.

The members and supporters of the Save Childhood Movement’s ‘Too Much Too Soon’ Campaign believe that children in England are starting formal learning too early, that the value of their creative and expressive play is being undermined, and that they are subject to developmentally inappropriate pressures that are damaging to their long-term health and wellbeing.

It’s clear from these studies that the government are neglecting our children and causing a delay in the learning and emotional development of their tiny minds.

What is a development delay?

Child development refers to the process in which children go through changes in skill development during predictable time periods, called developmental milestones. Developmental delay occurs when children have not reached these milestones by the expected time period. For example, if the normal range for learning to walk is between 9 and 15 months, and a 20-month-old child has still not begun walking, this would be considered a developmental delay.

Developmental delays can occur in all five areas of development or may just happen in one or more of those areas.
Additionally, growth in each area of development is related to growth in the other areas. So if there is a difficulty in one area (e.g., speech and language), it is likely to influence development in other areas (e.g., social and emotional).

These are the signs that a developmental delay may be happening to your child:

There are several general “warning signs” of possible delay. These include:

  • Behavioural Warning Signs
  • Does not pay attention or stay focused on an activity for as long a time as other children of the same age
  • Focuses on unusual objects for long periods of time; enjoys this more than interacting with others
  • Avoids or rarely makes eye contact with others
  • Gets unusually frustrated when trying to do simple tasks that most children of the same age can do
  • Shows aggressive behaviours and acting out and appears to be very stubborn compared with other children
  • Displays violent behaviours on a daily basis
  • Stares into space, rocks body, or talks to self more often than other children of the same age
  • Does not seek love and approval from a caregiver or parent

Gross Motor Warning Signs

  • Has stiff arms and/or legs
  • Has a floppy or limp body posture compared to other children of the same age
  • Uses one side of body more than the other
  • Has a very clumsy manner compared with other children of the same age

Vision Warning Signs

  • Seems to have difficulty following objects or people with her eyes
    Rubs eyes frequently
  • Turns, tilts or holds head in a strained or unusual position when trying to look at an object
  • Seems to have difficulty finding or picking up small objects dropped on the floor (after the age of 12 months)
  • Has difficulty focusing or making eye contact
  • Closes one eye when trying to look at distant objects
  • Eyes appear to be crossed or turned
  • Brings objects too close to eyes to see
  • One or both eyes appear abnormal in size or colouring

Hearing Warning Signs

  • Talks in a very loud or very soft voice
  • Seems to have difficulty responding when called from across the room, even when it is for something interesting
  • Turns body so that the same ear is always turned toward sound
  • Has difficulty understanding what has been said or following directions after once she has turned 3 years of age
  • Doesn’t startle to loud noises
  • Ears appear small or deformed
  • Fails to develop sounds or words that would be appropriate at her age

It tends to be the way the government and school body works to blame the parents or child for such above symptoms, but as we have seen In this report, just one of the many abuses occurring within education, school itself is a very dangerous place to be for a child!

The Fall of Assad is Set In Motion

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It would appear that UK Prime Minister  David Cameron will set the stage for Assad’s demise at the Nato Summit in Newport (Wales) on the premise that it’s his fault that ISIS have been able to get a foothold in Iraq.

The voice for this deception can no longer come from the halls  of power in the White House, as their scaremongering no longer carries any weight on the world stage. They have consistently been found to be the architect for most of the worlds conflicts in some manner or another, especially when this particular region has been armed by the CIA, and those who discovered the US’s dubious agenda subsequently being killed in Benghazi.

The first part of this propaganda being set in motion was the UK’s  BBC Radio4. During the interview from Newport,  Cameron wishes parliament to no longer recognise the legitimate president of Syria as “he’s a war criminal”, despite NO evidence to substantiate such a claim. Citing that he is a war criminal because of his alleged use of Chemical Weapons, even though the UN (albeit with a whisper) laid the blame at the feet of the Free Syrian Army for releasing a Chlorine attack, as documented by countless self propagandising YouTube videos.

Assad’s quick  response to these claims was one of obvious denial (I’m sure he didn’t fancy spending his last few moments on earth dangling from a hangmans noose like Hussain) and  by inviting UN troops to help dispose of his existing arsenals, Cameron/Obama need a fundamental opinion change to carryout air strikes against the new puppet terrorist group ISIS, which was created in the vacuum left by the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent hanging of Saddam Hussein, who himself was placed into a position of power by the US. Having failed in the parliamentary vote to attack Syria last year, the media needed a new enemy, ISIS, which has been directly funded by the US’s Central Intelligence Agency, who have in turn now been steered towards helping the US to attack Syria, and in turn Iran, who are next on the Big7 in the Access of Evil strategy.

Watch this space, the next few days will see moves for the West to fully launch another attack in Iraq and Syria all in the name of maintaining peace and security for the West.

Jihadi John - AnonwolfTV

Why do you think they used an English Accent for the so called executioner, in the highly staged beheadings, which in all likelihood took place on the same day, as was the soon to be released video of the British (as yet un-named) hostage. He too will have no doubt been killed sometime ago, some reports suggest as much as a year ago.

The UK need a way to incite enough fear that the right to coming back to the country of your birth is a privilege, not a right. Don’t think for a second this won’t be applied to non-desirables, or those who simply oppose the government, just look at the ‘No-Fly‘ list in America! The vast majority don’t know they’re on it, or the reason why, and can’t appeal it because the information that suggests they should be on it in the first place is covered by the ever more dubious seal of ‘National Security’.

We too here in the UK will have our passports taken from us at points of exit, or find we’re not allowed back in when we try and return. If they want you out, they’ll let you leave, if they want your intel they’ll detain you at the airport.

Wake up… This is two pronged attack, control of citizenship and an attempt to sidestep our international obligations of not making people stateless, and also to remove Assad who has public declared he’s willing to help in the fight against the Muslim Extremists taking over the parts of Syria following a lack of direction in the initial Arab Spring that looked set to topple Assad’s regime.


Pyramids of Ireland – Google Earth Map

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We have pulled together a Google Earth file containing locations of the various pyramids found in Ireland. The file also contains the UVG Grid overlay compiled by B. Hagens as well as the following extras to be used as points of reference:

  • Giza pyramid
  • New Grange
  • Hill of Tara

This is a work in progress and if you have information on any of these locations or indeed new ones, please leave us some comments below. 

List of Pyramids in Ireland

  • Lord Garvagh’s pryamid – Garvagh, Co. Londonderry
  • Old Kilbride Churchyard – Arklow Wexford
  • St Alphonsus, St Columba’s
  • Baltinglass Abbey – Co. Wicklow
  • Bracklyn Estate
  • Lowry-Corry Family Caledon – Co. Fermanagh
  • Castlebar – French Memorial
  • St Nicholas’s Church – Castlerickard
  • Ceide Fields
  • Boyne Crescent – Ballyvolane
  • Greer Family Memorial – Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone
  • Drumkeeran – Co. Leitrim
  • Kilcullen Aga Khan Stud – Gilltown
  • Met Eireann – Glasnevin Hill
  • Our Lady of Dolours – Glasnevin
  • Kilbixy Parish
  • Kilcooley Parish
  • Killiney Hill Obelisk (we found this in our search)
  • Kinnitty Church of Ireland
  • Larch Hill Scouting Grounds
  • Lough Boora – Co. Offaly
  • Catholic Church – Lusk
  • Step Pyramid – Cong  (very interesting to look at this in Google Streetview)
  • Smaller Obelisk?
  • Ennis Friary


  • Wellington Monument, Phoenix Park – Dublin
  • Defense Forces memorial Merrion Square – Dublin

We have located the pyramids in Ireland as accurately as possible however, in places Google Maps has poor information on some of the more remote locations. It’s a good idea to look up these locations in Google Streetview for a better look.

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